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2019 Pennsylvania Direct Care Worker of the Year Award!

Frank Parrino was nominated by our Home Care (Dunmore) office location for the 2019 Pennsylvania Direct Care Worker of the Year Award. Direct care workers are the unsung heroes of home-based care who provide lifelines to the seniors they serve. 

Frank always show compassion & respect when caring for his consumer's.He acknowledges the physical,emotional and everyday needs of the consumer's and their families. Always trying to improve their quality of life and goes above and beyond for all of his consumer's. Recently, one of his consumer's lost a close family member and the following week her special needs daughter was hospitalized. Frank has been by her side offering compassion & support.

Frank is flexible, reliable and dependable.His strong work ethic and thoughtful nature are praised by many of our consumer's and families. Responsible, patient and  sensitive to the needs of his consumer's. His positive and upbeat attitude brings a smile to everyone he meets.

Frank is always mindful of his surroundings and easily adapts to changing situations. One of his consumer's is facing many challenges in her life and Frank is there offering his support,empathy and compassion every step of the way. A good listener and attentively listens to the consumer without interruption. Always reviews his consumer's Care Plans so that he knows what their needs are and the tasks that need to completed for each specific consumer. He will not hesitate to call the office with any questions or suggestions that he may have.

Frank is always willing to learn a new skill to improve his care giving techniques. He tries to approach each day with positivity and confidence.

Often praised by his consumer's for always exceeding their expectations and providing the best care possible. During our most recent snow storm, Frank's consumer called the office to acknowledge her thanks for him staying with her. She stated that "he went above and beyond". In anticipation of an impending snow storm Frank will always make sure the consumer's breakfast and anything else needed for the day is setup and within her reach.

Frank is a great role model for everyone he comes in contact with.He is always willing to help out with last minute staffing needs. A valuable team member and is willing to share his knowledge. Always turns in all requested paperwork in a timely manner. He uses our telephony system to clock in and out of the consumer's homes and enters his tasks.

Frank Parrino is very passionate about providing care for his consumer's.He embraces the opportunity to make their life more manageable and more comfortable in their homes. Frank stated "I just care about people".