Hospice – Staff

Traditional Home Health and Hospice provides an interdisciplinary team to meet your physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Your team may include:

  • Your personal physician, who continually oversees your medical care and advises the hospice team
  • A nurse, who coordinates your care with an eye toward controlling your pain and symptoms as well as providing education and guidance
  • A social worker, who provides emotional support and additional resources for you and your family
  • A chaplain, who provides counsel and coordinates your spiritual support according to your wishes
  • A home health aide, who typically helps with your day-to-day personal care
  • A pharmacist, who consults on any issues related to medication
  • A dietitian, who specializes in the nutritional needs of terminally ill patients
  • Therapists, who may provide occupational, physical or speech therapy depending on your needs

You or your family members will be able to call a hospice team member at any time to discuss concerns or ask questions.