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Complementary Therapy Programs

Traditional Hospice is expanding through the addition of several complimentary therapy programs. We are pleased to offer Music Therapy, Art Therapy, Massage Therapy, and Pet Therapy to our Hospice patients. While it is certain that the clinical and spiritual components of our Hospice program are exceptional, offering numerous positive outcomes in the end of life care of our patients and their families, the addition of these complimentary therapies allow “moments of life” experiences through our patient centered treatment plans.

Hospice care is not all about dying. Hospice is about providing comfort and dignity at the end of life. In keeping with this philosophy, by offering these complimentary therapies, Traditional Hospice has demonstrated an innovative approach to end of life care keeping our Agency at the forefront of the Hospice industry.

Traditional Hospice Music Therapy has shown proven success in the end of life care of our patients with Alzheimer’s disease, respiratory stress, depression and anxiety. Our therapist designs patient centered treatment plans that have engaged Alzheimer’s patients by recalling songs from their past with active participation by the patient. The results have been short lived however the impact for the family members has been priceless. Patients experiencing respiratory distress have had their symptoms managed through tempo therapy. Our therapist begins the patient session with music corresponding to the patient’s elevated respiratory rate. As the therapy progresses, our therapist slowly decreases the tempo of the music being shared with the patient finding the respiratory rate of the patient decreasing along with the tempo of the music. Patients exhibiting signs of depression and anxiety have displayed a decrease in symptoms through participation in meaningful music.

Traditional Hospice’s Music Therapist also assisted in “leaving behind a legacy” for a patient’s daughter for her wedding day. This patient centered treatment plan was effective in allowing a patient to create a special wedding gift as well as giving the patients’ daughter a sense of peace knowing that her mom was with her on her special day.

Traditional Art Therapy has shown proven success in the end of life care of our patients’ by encouraging patients’ and their family members to share time together through art projects that reflect a life review. Many of our patients enjoyed painting, drawing, as well as other types of creative projects, however have become too weak or fatigued to participate on their own. Our Music Therapist has designed patient centered treatment plans that engage our patients and assist in the fulfillment of creative projects that may be intended as memorabilia for a loved one or simply a desire from a “bucket list”.

Traditional Hospice Massage Therapy has shown proven success in the end of life care of our patients through soothing touch that has proven effects of decreasing pain and decreasing anxiety thereby allowing an improved quality of life in our terminally ill patients.

Traditional Hospice Pet Therapy has proven success in the end of life care of our patients through our therapy dog Rosie, as animals are known for their innate sense of companionship, unconditional love, and uplifting spirits. Rosie visits our patients as well as other facility patients creating joy and giving the opportunity for patients to re-live moments from their past as pet lovers. Our patients have responded to Rosie through improved memory, decreasing physical and emotional pain, and stress reduction.