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Registered Nurses (RN) Licensed Practical nurses (LPN)

Our Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses provide skilled care to our patients who are recovering from an illness, injury, or surgery. The nursing staff cares for patients in their homes who may have complex medical diagnoses that require IV medications, medication injections, wound care, assessments, education related to disease processes and healthy life style choice, and medication management. Our nursing team provides specialized care in wound healing and chronic disease management programs which are overseen by our Medical Directors.

Physical Therapists (PT)

The Physical Therapy program at Traditional Home Health and Hospice has a proven record in the care, treatment, and recovery of our orthopedic patients. This team also provides care to patients with limited mobility and strength due to other medical conditions. Our PT’s utilize treatment modalities such as TENS units, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, balance pillows, and massage to assist our patients in pain management, increase range of  motion, and improved balance and functional mobility. Our PT team plays a key role in educating our patients in specialized techniques that focus on safety in transfers and ambulation, and work diligently to assist our patients and their families in fall prevention interventions.

Occupational Therapists (OT)

The Occupational Therapy team at Traditional Home Health and Hospice assists patients who have  physical, developmental, social, or emotional problems that prevent them from performing the general activities of daily living (ADL’s). Our OT’s perform and educate our patients in specialized rehabilitation techniques and equipment that assist our patients in achieving their goals that focus on improving their function in tasks such as eating, bathing, dressing, and basic household routines. Our OT’s also perform and instruct in exercises that will assist our chronically ill patients in energy conservation techniques.

Speech Language Pathologists (ST)

Our Speech Therapists work to develop and restore the speech of our patients with communication disorders that may be the result of surgery or stroke. Our ST’s also assist in retraining our patients in breathing, swallowing, and muscle control.

Medical Social Workers (MSW)

Our Medical Social Work team provides specialized care to our patients and their families which focuses on education and coordination of community resources that are available to assist in the care and safety of our patients. Our MSW team works in conjunction with community agencies to assist with transportation needs, coordination of care needs, respite care, and meals on wheels.

Home Health Aides (HHA)

Our Home Health Aides provide personal care and companionship to our patients. Our team of HHAs are dedicated to building strong interpersonal relationships with our patents and their families. Our HHAs assist with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, grooming, transfers, ambulation, and toileting. Our HHAs follow a care plan that is established and supervised by a Registered Nurse.