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CHF - COPD Program:

  • Proactive Disease Management Education program with emphasis on disease processes, symptom management and behavior modifications:  ie. low sodium diet, exercise and weight management.
  • Full nursing assessment of the patient and the home environment.
  • CHF Weight Guidelines carefully reviewed and documented with the patient and their caregivers.
  • Front loading visits
  • Telehealth- All CHF/COPD patients participate in our telehealth program which focuses on physical status (such as weight, edema status, oxygen use, etc.) self management behavior modification and teaching (ie. occupational therapy- energy conservation).
  • Telemonitors are incorporated into our Plan of Care for High Risk Patients.
  • Emergency Care Plans are reviewed with the patient and their families.
  • Emphasize the importance of communication with the patient as well as the physician, pharmacist and caregivers.

Wound Care Program:

  • Comprehensive wound care program customized to the individual needs of the patient.
  • Team approach focused on reviewing progress with weekly communication between our nurses and medical director.
  • Aggressive photo grapy program with universal adherence to mandatory policy re: consistent measurements and precise photo grapy.
  • Formal education program in place regarding personal responsibilities re: wound care and nutritional guidelines essential to the healing process.
  • Our team is available for personal consultation with physician to develop unique individualized programs.
  • KCI In-service regularly scheduled.
  • Competencies mandatory for specialized dressings.
  • Data Collection for outcomes meet and exceed state averages for wound care.
  • High accountability rating with photographic records of wound progression from onset to discharge.

Fall Prevention Program: 

  • Home Evaluation and Assessment with Interventions when necessary to create a safe interior and exterior environments.
  • Includes assessment by multi-disciplinary team to assess diagnoses, medications, nutritional status and environmental issues that may put patients at risk for falls.
  • Educational Component which includes thorough instruction of proper use of medical devices to prevent falls.
  • Review by Nurses, Physician and Pharmacist to evaluate medication side effects. 

Enhanced Therapy Program:

I have used the PENS protocol to improve voluntary muscle contraction of the thigh muscle after total knee replacement successfully with several patients. This has more rapidly improved the patient's strength and ability to move their own leg sooner after surgery. I have also used the "nerve block" protocol with one patient to dull her pain, allowing her to tolerate stretching after total knee replacement much easier.

Mike Barkley, PT

Electrotherapy System - Omnistim Fx Pro

  1. Symptomatic relief and management of chronic intractable pain and as an adjunctive treatment in the management of acute pain, post-surgical pain and pain associated with posttraumatic injury.
  2. Relaxation of muscle spasms.
  3. Re-education of muscle action.
  4. Prevention or retardation of disuse atrophy
  5. Immediate post-surgical stimulation of calf muscles to prevent venous thrombosis
  6. Increased local blood circulation.
  7. Maintaining or increasing range of motion.

Ultrasound Therapy System - Omnisound 3000E Pro

  1. Relieving pain
  2. Increasing the extensibility of collagen tissues
  3. Decreasing joint stiffness and contractures
  4. Reduction of muscle spasm
  5. Increasing circulation
  6. Treatment of Tenosynovitis, Bursitis, Synovitis, Tendonitis

Continuum of Care: This is a free, non-medical follow up program offered to individuals who do not qualify for home health or Hospice services; however, still need a “check-in” once in a while. Continuum of Care is our way of keeping connected with you, while keeping you connected to the community resources you need to safely stay at home.

We also offer the following programs, please Contact Us for information (570) 207-9286.

  • Ostomy Teaching: 
  • Medication Management: 
  • Disease Management: 
  • Injections: 
  • Nutrition: 
  • Pain Management: 
  • Infusion Therapy: