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Recent News

KeyHIE Participation Notice Your Choice: Making health information available.
Continuous Care Program Tailored to meet the patient's individual needs from 8 to 24 hours a day.
Connections Program Non-medical follow-up for patients . . .
Feed a Friend Each year Traditional employees have helped those in need. This year we have chosen the Feed a Friend program.
Pat Marx One of our own talks to you about "Hospice"
Tip of the Month - Conserve Energy Conserve energy throughout the day in order to function at your maxiumum potential.

Grief Support Series

This grief support series is a small group experience for people who have had a loss and and are struggling to regain a sense of balance in their own life. Grief work is focused on learning to live with your loss, not “getting over it”. There is no “getting over” how you feel...there is, however, “getting through” your feelings so that you may live your own life with a renewed sense of purpose and peacefulness.

This group is not intended for specific losses such as the death of a spouse, or child. It is created to address any type of loss; the focus is on you and learning how to take steps into a lifestlye that may seem very unfamiliar and scarey.

Sessions will be held in the Conference Room of Traditional Home Health and Hospice, located at 113 West Drinker Street, Dunmore. There is plenty of on and off street parking available. THIS PROGRAM IS FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

Weekly topics are as follows:

Week 1. Getting to Know Ourselves

We tell our stories and begin to learn what grieving is.

Week 2. Coping

We identify what we have lost, what our support systems are, discuss barriers to grieving and learn coping strategies.

Week 3. Youga for Grievers

Mindy Hill, a local yogi, presents this nationally recognized program designed to nurture the heart and relieve the physical manifestations of grief.

Week 4. Reconcilliation

This session looks at making peace. We look at what we take into our new lives, what we leave behind and what we neeed to add. We also talk with grievers who have losses over ten years to understand the impact of grief over time.

Week 5. Tara Grossi, Medium

Tara offers her gift to help members connect with their loved one and strengthen their resolve to go forward. Finding comfort in learning "where they are" is essential to the grieving process.

Week 6. Wrapping Up and Moving Forward

This final session is dedicated to looking at where we began, where we are now and looking to the future.

If you are interested in signing up, have more questions or would like to speak one on one, contact Maggie Snyder at 570-207-9286.